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Extrait d’une allocution de Pierre Dansereau intitulée The Barefoot Scientist, prononcée à l’occasion de l’inauguration du University of Colorado Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research Laboratory, 1963.
Université du Québec à Montréal. Service des archives et de gestion des documents.
Fonds d’archives Pierre-Dansereau, 22P6a/5.

It is customary for introducers to say the next person to be introduced, doesn’t need to be introduced because he is so well known. So I’m going to say it right now : Doctor Dansereau, eminent ecologist, plant geographer, Assistant director of the New York Botanical Garden. He’s going to speak to us on the subject «The Barefoot Scientist», Doctor Dansereau…

Pierre Dansereau: Mr President, gentlemen of the board of regents, Doctor Rodeck, ladies and gentlemen, a much-used French expression of contempt for shoddy thinking consists of saying that a man thinks with his feet « Il pense avec ses pieds ». The implication is that the brain is not being used and that the immediate and deceiving perceptions of the skin are directly translated into speech. In fact, it may well be that the feet are considered the least intelligent part of the human anatomy, since the hands are much more educable and since the eye is reputed closest of all to the mind.

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