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Extrait d'une conférence radiophonique intitulée « Inscape and Landscape » présentée à CBC Radio dans le cadre des Massey Lectures où Pierre Dansereau parle de la conscientisation de l'homme face à son milieu de vie, 1972.
Université du Québec à Montréal. Service des archives et de gestion des documents.
Fonds d’archives Pierre-Dansereau, 22P6a/14.

Annonceur : My concern, says Doctor Pierre Dansereau, is as much with the inscape as it is with the landscape, as much with human perception of environment as with man’s impact on nature. To begin the series, Doctor Dansereau undertakes and overview of man and the variety of ways he has learned to see and use the many landscapes on the planet. Pierre Dansereau is professor of ecology at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He is vice-chairman at the Canadian environmental Advisory Comity. The author of Dimensions of Environmental Quality, Biogeography and Ecological Perspective and Contradictions and Biculture. The first of this series of six talks is called Perception for survival. Doctor Pierre Dansereau, 1972, Massey lecture. Pierre Dansereau : The world of man is expanding. This generation is living the fulfillment of an early dream of mankind: it has set foot on the moon. We are still in the grasp of the adolescent stupor that accompanies the discovery of our own power. And yet, wisdom is of the essence if we are to redress the course that now leads the human species to suicide. This can only be done if we develop a full consciousness of our growing influence over our environment, and if we accept new rules of stewardship, and develop a responsible plan of environmental management. The science of ecology has much to contribute to this outlook if it can lend itself to a bold integration of environmental déjà and interpretation thereof, and if it can bring the human impact within its scope. This is both an indispensable preliminary and an ongoing requisite for the resetting of our common goal.

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