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Extrait de l’entrevue « A Christian in Science » accordée par Pierre Dansereau à Adrienne Clarkson dans le cadre de l’émission radiophonique First Person, 1966.
Production : CBC.
Université du Québec à Montréal. Service des archives et de gestion des documents.
Fonds d’archives Pierre-Dansereau, 22P6a/8.

Question d’Adrienne Clarkson: You said it was unlikely that we should exist as a species long enough to know the answer. Do you mean that we are going to pass away as a species, as being man?

Réponse de Pierre Dansereau: That we are going to pass away? I think that it’s just possible, and there are many unfortunate signs around us that it is part of our given freedom, that we have this ultimate freedom of committing suicide as a race. And some of us are inclined to think that we are heading that way. If this should happen in the near future, then there are many facts, scientific facts about ourselves that will not by then have been discovered. And I suggest that these facts are so numerous, so rich, so difficult to integrate that even if we do not commit suicide now or later, it seems like a very remote possibility that we shall know all the ultimate truths and put together a complete projection of ourselves.

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