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Extrait d'une conférence radiophonique intitulée « Inscape and Landscape » présentée à CBC Radio dans le cadre des Massey Lectures où Pierre Dansereau discourt sur la notion d'austérité joyeuse, 1972.
Production : Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Université du Québec à Montréal. Service des archives et de gestion des documents.
Fonds d’archives Pierre-Dansereau, 22P6a/20.

Annonceur : And of course Pierre Dansereau. Pierre Dansereau : There are many openings in all of your statements, gentlemen, and I will try to pick them up one by one. The theme of joyous austerity is certainly very much dependent upon the strength of our imagination. I have said in an earlier essay that all of our failures are failures of the imagination, and it is very true that in our universities, as it has been pointed out, the kind of encouragement that we give to young people to use their imagination, to apply it, not only to the sacred subject matter of the compartmented courses that they receive, but to the whole of their experience. This is not being done well and the young are very much taking this kind of enterprise into their own hands and I do feel that there is some hope there. There is more hope since there are quite a few of us in the older generation who have been trying to practice this in one way or another. So I think there can be, in this cultural revolution which is being mentioned, a convergence and an alliance of various social and age groups. I put a good deal of hope in that. As to the nature of austerity, I might recall previous experiments in this direction, it wasn’t the puritans who invented austerity, it was the epicureans.

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